Who We Are

Juston Martin, founder and owner of 7M Fabrication, has worked in the heating and air conditioning industry in the Big Bend area since 1995.

With the wide range and unique needs of both residential and business high mountain desert customers, Juston received the best combined on-site and professional training available.

Juston started 7M Fabrication in 2000 with manufacturing and installing all of Martin Company’s ductwork. 7M Fabrication was then licensed in heating and air conditioning in 2001.

The company provides Comfortmaker, Lennox, and Trane products because of their professional supply houses and unsurpassed support.

Why “7M”?

This a question asked many times by our customers and colleagues! 7M is the cattle brand of Juston’s grandfather, Billy Pat McKinney, and the Agua Fria Ranch. Juston is proud to carry on the legacy of this esteemed brand.

The family also owns the Sheeley Martin Ranch southeast of Marathon, Texas. They laid their claim to the land in 1901. As the family says…”We’ve been here a long time before and will be here a long time after.”

Juston operates his business with the philosphy that “we don’t worry about our competitors – we worry about our customers.” As a result, Juston and all of his technicians are regularly trained in the latest technology with continuing education and certification. 7M Fabrication staff currently included two certified technicians and Juston, the owner, who is also certified.

Questions? Feel free to contact us to find out more!